A copper finish provides your roofing or cladding project with a unique character that you won’t get with any other finish. This makes copper perfect for both traditional projects and modern projects.

Over time, copper naturally weathers and this gives your project a warmth and beauty no other finish can provide as your finish moves from a bronze colour, through brown to a green finish.



Zinc is flexible, versatile and malleable. Better still it provides an elegant finish that can be great for architectural masterpieces and innovative projects. Zinc is self sacrificing, when scratched or scuffed a patina re develops and the metal heals itself. Slowly blending in over time until the blemish disappears. Its architectural appeal is continually growing as more designers are realizing the benefits of this beautiful metal. So whether you are an owner, designer or contractor, the next time you are faced with an opportunity to specify metal, think zinc!



Corten is a trademark for a steel weathering roofing product. It’s more significantly corrosion resistant when compared to regular carbon steel and it has an added protective oxide film. This gives it a unique rustic experience. Chemical reactions when subjected to weather conditions means that the protective layer continually redevelops.



We face uniquely harsh weather conditions throughout much of Australia. As such, any projects look to a finish that won’t require extensive ongoing maintenance. Aluminium may be the perfect finish for these projects. Aluminium is durable, lightweight and cost effective. Given our coastal location and temperature extremes, Aluminium is perfect for many projects across the Mornington Peninsula region.



COLORBOND® steel is one of the most popular products now available on the market, It comes in over 28 different colors that encompasses 4 ranges, Standard, Ultra and Metallic developed to suit a range of locations, environments and building applications. We use Colorbond in many of our projects.
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MAKE A LASTING IMPRESSION. COLORBOND® steel’s new Matt finish offers a softer look in neutral tones, allowing you to make a sophisticated and personal design statement.
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